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  • Kassie Weiland

COVID'S Unanticipated Benefit: Online Therapy.

There is nothing funny about the struggle we're having with COVID-19, especially here in Michigan. Most of us know someone who has had COVID, if we haven't had it ourselves. Isolation, fear, and loneliness have taken a toll on our psyche. Oddly, however, one positive outcome from the virus is the acceptance of teletherapy as a viable option for those seeking mental health services.

Convenient and Effective

I will admit to being initially skeptical. If I'm working with someone online, will I be able to accurately track body language, emotional responses, and facial expressions? Will I come across as stiff or less approachable? How will a video chat affect communication styles and rapport? As it turns out, my fears were unfounded. Research has found that online therapy can be effective at treating anxiety, depression, and trauma and my clients are loving the convenience of getting the services they need from the comfort of their home.

What Are You Waiting For?

No more rushing around, traveling at night or in bad weather. No more excuses. Put yourself first and make a New Year's resolution to a happier, healthier you! Call 734-474-7259 and book your online appointment today!

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